Gordon Sondland

Founder & CEO

Fearless leader. Dreamer and doer. Community builder. Passionate advocate for and supporter of worthy causes. Art collector.

Bashar Wali

Principal & President

Jet setting nomad. Deal junkie. Expert on trends, adopter of only the best. Investor in good people. Many irons in the fire. Always.

Klaudio Simic

VP of Operations

In charge of Getting It Done Well. Prefers his vehicles European and fast. Equally at home on a snowboard or perfecting a proforma.

Zie Zie Senzaki

VP of Sales & Marketing

Six degrees from everyone - Kevin Bacon’s got nothing on her. Unrivaled connector and tastemaker. Best shoes in the room.

Leslie Lew

VP of Revenue Strategy

Commander of revenue management strategy. Diver of data streams and seer of STRs. Equally a charmer of people.

Kate Buska

Director of Public Relations

Rooftop shouter. Brand evangelist. Relationship builder. Fan of chefs, craft brewers and cocktail mixers. Music lover. Vintage fiend.

Morgan Pittman


Curator of digital space and crafter of ecommerce strategy. Takes her bourbon with truffle fries. Always with passport at the ready.

Ashley Stempler

Director of Design

Interiors Ambassador. A citizen of the world based in New York. Lover of yoga, wine and hopping planes.

Tess Burick

PR and Marketing Manager

Maker of PR and marketing magic. Cozies up in indie theaters, always game for brunch. Sips coffee and sour beer. Stays curious.

Garrick Moe

Information Technology

The man behind the curtain. Turns networks, cords, computers and phones into a system that works.

Holly Landry

Corporate Controller

Secret weapon. Budget maven. Simplifies even the most complicated situations with a sledgehammer of organization.

Casey Williams

Corporate Accounting Manager

Budget wrangler and numbers marvel. Enthused by new cities, neighborhood runs and everything New Orleans. Knows pizza pairs best with margaritas.

Maribel Olmeda

Human Resources

Literal team-builder: identifies talented people to bring onboard, nurture and celebrate. And keeps us all on our best behavior.

Brittany Davidson

Acquisition and Integration

Overseer of developing spaces from old to new. Globetrotter, Girl Boss and #1 Aunt. Endless believer in building better communities.

Dennis Miller

Director of Asset Management

Master of the bottom line. Maestro of finances. Dedicated WSU alum. Resident music, theater and culture aficionado.

Ryan Johnson

Project Manager

Paces projects to the finish line. Sees the forest through the trees. Pursuer of the outdoors. Deadly in a game of Risk.

Andy Davies

Graphic Design

Photographer and designer of all things. Science fiction advocate to the masses. Lightning-fast and uninhibitedly creative.

Chris Lorino

Regional Director of Operations

Maximizes results with our Seattle teams. Dining scene explorer. Still tight with his five best childhood pals. Will destroy you in table tennis.

Chris Bebo

Regional General Manager

Manages hotels, teams and guests with grace and style. Expert captain of many ships. Always with the wise crack.

Stephen Galvan

Regional Director of Sales

Maestro of Portland sales efforts. Child at heart with a backyard full of chickens. Avid gardener, bourbon sipper, beach seeker.

Tessa Papas

Art Curator

The mind behind the collections you see on our walls. Hikes & bikes the far corners of the earth. Makes her own olive oil at her other place in France.